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    Professional Organizations: 


    "I would like to get your permission to use some sections of your Review for the Pharmacy Technician National Exam manual/workbook you so graciously shared with me. I reviewed it and it really is a great resource".  Keith S., Pharm D., Director of Pharmacy continuing education, University of Oklahoma.


    "I'm glad that you've taken on the project of offering CE units specifically for pharmacy Technicians. I think it's an excellent idea and a tremendous undertaking. Tech Lectures will appear in our next PTEC newsletter."  Brenda H., Pharmacy Educator, Pharmacy Technician Educator's Council (PTEC)


    "Abbott Laboratories has reviewed Tech Lectures and feels it is a very worthy cause..." Kim M. at Abbott Laboratories


    "I am writing you this note to ask your permission to advertise Tech Lectures to fellow Pharmacy Technicians in the New York area..." Jacqueline F., New York Society of Health System Pharmacists, New York


    "You know we've got a healthy population of techs in Louisiana right now...you might want to make sure the Louisiana Society of Health System Pharmacists know about you..." Christie A., R.Ph., Louisiana Society of Health System Pharmacists, Louisiana


    "I am very interested in your program and was trying to think of a way in which you and "Pharmacy Times" might partner to help get CE to techs..." Ann L., Sr Editor "Pharmacy Times"


    "We have read, with interest, and understand the value of Tech Lectures..." - Pamela D. at Boehringer Ingelheim


    "Your Lectures are great...I always have techs looking for CE, and will of course refer them to you..." Jill B., Corporate Pharmacy Technician Trainer, Owen Healthcare, Inc., Texas


    "Received your Tech Lectures end of last week and I am impressed with them. They are especially useful for those technicians who aren't formally trained because of their more understandable presentation...Your program will be endorsed on CAPT's web page..." Bob S., CPhT, Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians.

    "Your site serves a good and valuable service to the Pharmacy Technician Community." The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)  2004


    What Pharmacy Technicians are saying:


    I have told every Pharmacy Technician that I work with about Tech Lectures. They all are now getting their CE from Tech Lectures, and are very satisfied.


    Joe is great and very helpful. I can always count on Tech Lecture for all of my CE credits.


    Thank you, Joe, for very educational and informative CE packets. Thank you for your prompt response every time.


    I just had an issue with getting PCTB to approve my CEs and I had to email Joe multiple times asking him for help. I felt like such a pain but not once did he make me feel that way and was there for me every step of the way until the issue was finally resolved. Joe, I can't thank you enough for all of your help it is greatly appreciated. I will continue to order from Tech Lectures and I am spreading the word to everyone that will listen.


    I never used this way before for my CE's. I've been a CPhT for almost 0 years and this was the best way I've ever encountered to get my CEs completed. The subjects were great, I got to choose which package I wanted. I did them all in one day, submitted them, heard back from Tech Lectures within a day or two. Joe Medina sent me an email about my CE's and he was so friendly, responded to my emails quickly. I highly recommend this site for CE's. I will absolutely be back! Thank you so an amazing experience!


    I always recommend TLectures to my co-workers and have used them exclusively for several, years. Joe Medina is so kind and returns email quickly. He really helps and I feel he has our best interest at heart and it's greatly appreciated.


    I've used Tech Lectures for 0 years and Joe is always extremely helpful and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend this program to any technician looking to recertify


    I love these lectures. They are easier to understand, I get the results just as quick as if I did the other lectures. Joe is very helpful with any questions or concerns you may have.

    I have been using Tech Lectures for a number of years now and I am quite pleased with the packets and the variety of subjects. I had trouble inputting manually my CE's and Joe submitted the information for me. I truly enjoy Tech Lectures and I will recommend it to other pharmacy techs.


    I would recommend this program to others and I have. Dr. Medina is very helpful and accessible. Thank you


    Joe Medina was so kind so very helpful. A pleasure to work with.


    No matter the situation Tech Lectures are in they always find the time to get back to you with whatever questions or problems you have. Thank you, Joe, for being on top of everything. I appreciate your dedication to your company. Peace


    Joe is AWESOME!!!!!!! He has helped me out several times with CE issues. The most recent was PCTB sent me an email saying may CEs were not accepted of course I panicked. I sent Joe an email and he stepped right in and helped me get everything straightened out for which I cannot thank him enough. I have recommended these CEs to my coworkers and one of them actually ordered the book and loved it I believe she will be ordering again. Thank you, Joe, for everything you do for us as Pharmacy technicians


    I've been a pharm Tech 20 years now and discovered Joe early in my career and have Always used him for my continuing education. Joe makes you think and you truly learn something every time you do one of his CE packets. They are informative and challenge you to grow as a pharm tech and as a person. He is always looking out the for-Pharmacy Technicians and our best interest and has a huge heart for this community. He freely gives back to techs in many ways and gives to pertinent world events by offering CE at discounts and then gives away monies in relief efforts and causes. He makes himself available via email and responds as needed. You have to be in the business of truly caring as a pharmacy technician as peoples' lives and quality of life in part depend on you - Joe is a perfect example of caring human being and I am happy to continue to learn from Joe.


    Due to expertise of these lessons/teacher, I was able to pass my test on the first try & go on to have a successful career as a pharmacy technician for large insurance company. This course was life changing


    There was not a choice to pick extremely satisfied, because that is what I was. Mr. Joe Medina was extremely helpful. He always answered or called me back when I needed help. He walked me through everything I needed to know. I felt like he was right there in the room with me. I would highly recommend Tech Lectures to anyone who has to be certified through the pharmacy board. It's an easy read and very knowledgeable information. You really do learn from Tech Lectures. Thank you, Mr. Medina!


    when I found out that J&D Services was going out of business, I was very concerned because they been me to go to for years. I then was referred to Tech Lectures and I appreciate their services just as much. I will continue to get my CE through them. Thank you, Tech Lectures, for making my journey a very nice one


    I’ve recommended Tech Lectures to two of my friends


    I love the packets because they have everything, I need to get my 20 CEs including the Law credits I need!


    I’ve used Tech lectures 3 times already and I will continue to use them going forward. The subjects are interesting, timely and very educational. Joe is great to work with and I’ve recommended many of my coworkers.


    I’ve used tech lectures every 2 years for keeping up my Cpht status. Joe is super helpful & I always appreciate his quick responses!!


    "Your web-site is really nice! If you are interested, you have by far the best price as far as CE credits go...I will let other Pharmacy Technicians know about your stuff."  Mary G.,CPhT, Ohio


    I love these CEs and have been spreading the word to my coworkers. Please keep up the great work!!!!!!!


    Very easy to understand and complete! Very fast service!


    "Your Tech Lectures are very interesting and informative...I will continue with Tech Lectures because the price is right and using them has increased my knowledge base..." Paula V., CPhT, Ohio



    I am so glad Tech Lectures is there to help me with my CE’s. Mr. Joe’s Medina is very knowledgeable and very understanding whenever I have questions. I recommend Tech Lectures to all Pharmacy Technicians; they go above and beyond. Thank you very much Tech Lectures!

    Thanks for the ease and the speed of your lectures… you did a fantastic job helping me.

    The best place to improve your knowledge and get help in time whenever you need it. I'm feeling in good hands all the time. Nazir


    I did the ce was seriously informative and a great price, I had a little trouble with recertifying and Joe went in and fixed everything. Very great experience and will for sure be using them in the future. Highly recommend


    Joe you are always so helpful with all the CE you have offered. Yes, I do tell other Pharmacy Technicians about your program. Lisa


    I have been using Tech Lectures for years. This year it was all online and was great. Just order the material, read the material and click the link to get to the test and you’re done. Joe got everything graded and back to me in a timely manner so I was able to get it all done in a couple days.


    Tech Lectures is a great way to do Continuing Education for Pharmacy Technician recertification. Mr. Medina is always available if you have questions.


    The best place for satisfaction and learning to improve your knowledge. Tech Lectures, Tech Lectures, Tech Lectures, all times Tech Lectures, Thanks, Nazir


    I’ve used tech lectures for 20 years, Mr. Medina very helpful. I would definitely recommend!

    I have used Tech Lectures for the last 8 or so years. The lessons touch a variety of subjects that are helpful to any Pharmacy setting.


    I was able to pick whatever I wanted, a nice, interesting variety of subjects. Very decent price. They will go out of their way to help you with whatever your needs are! No matter what is going on, they are always there for you. Couldn’t be an easier way!!


    Joe is such a wonderful person to know and work with. He is always available for assistance and the lectures are so informative. I look forward to learning more from Joe’s lectures. I highly recommend Tech Lectures

    Very helpful! Would definitely recommend.


    It is so helpful to have the information on paper in a book form. The lessons are clear and relevant.


    I will never go back to hunting down free CEs again! I have used tech lectures the last 2 times I needed to complete my CE’s and I am 00% a fan! I will continue to recommend them to anyone I know. The things I love most are the ease of getting all the hours I need in one source material. I personally LOVE the bound book it comes in so I can pick it up and do them at my leisure usually chilling in bed. Ha-ha. The material they have to choose from is relevant and of interest to me so I actually enjoy reading them and learning instead of just trying to answer questions. Joe is very personable and will respond with any questions you have. If you have not tried them, you are missing out! I will never go anywhere else after my experience using them.

    I always use this packet for completing my CE's. I love the ease of knowing I have all that is required in one book!!


    I’ve always used Tech Lectures for CPHT CE’s. Since 2008


    Not only is the material interesting, but topics are informative and thorough. The CE offerings are top notch, keeping up to date and easily the best offerings that are specific to the continuing education that pharmacy technicians need, no other company does this! I will tell everyone I know, and will continue to use Tech Lectures for all C E needs! Thankyou!

    Joe Medina is absolutely amazing!


    Thank you for CE's that I can fit into my schedule. Tech Lectures are the only CE's I use. I also recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable CE source. Joe makes the lessons simple and easy to understand.


    Tech lectures is the best very resourceful absolutely the best


    I like the way you put the lectures in a spiral bound book form and it is easy to read the lecture and answer the questions at the end of the lesson. Because it is in book form, you can access it anytime and go at your own pace. This is my second reorder and will order again.


    I like the way you put the lectures in a spiral bound book form and it is easy to read the lecture and answer the questions at the end of the lesson. Because it is in book form, you can access it anytime and ho at your own pace. This is my second reorder and will order again.


    I have already recommended Tech Lectures to a few of my co-workers because it worked so well for me. Anytime I needed help Mr. Medina has always explained to me what I needed to know to solve my problem and he gets back to me right away. I will continue using them for all my pharmacy technician needs. Thank you


    Joe is very helpful every time. He gets back to you very quick when you have questions. He goes above and beyond.


    I've had several issues in the past and had to have help. Tech lectures have amazing material for CEU. JOE has been very helpful and has above and beyond helpful. I would highly recommend tech lectures to anybody looking for CE’s.


    Easy-to-use. If any questions, replies have immediate attention.


    I have tried other companies, some of which were very frustrating as I felt the content of the courses were meant to solely confuse and were extremely difficult, even for my RPh coworkers that read them! I have been very satisfied with the content of your courses as well as the ease and convenience of testing, submitting and receiving certificates. And now that I have encountered an issue with PTCB and Mr. Medina intervened and resolved the issue, I can say with certainty that I will be a longtime customer! Thank you for all of the above mentioned!!

    I like having the binder and paper material to study and learn without the distraction of an electronic device. However, for ordering, communicating and grading using a device is very easy and efficient with Tech Lectures. I like the subject choices, content and the way it is explained much better than other CE's out there that I have used.


    I have been using Tech Lectures for 2 years. They have fast, reliable service. They are always helpful and have great, personalized customer service. Their educational materials are easy to understand, simple to use and are actually interesting to learn from. I like that they offer a range of ways to learn from and submit materials, both paper and electronic form, and phone, fax, mail and email options. I have used other C.E. provider services in the past and was not as happy with them as I've been using Tech Lectures. Tech Lectures are by far the fastest and easiest to use, with the best customer service available. I highly recommend using their services!


    I was so nervous and intimidated at first... Tech lectures was very educational and easy 5o use. And joe medina was so helpful and there to answer any questions

    Great help. Thanks


    Thanks for all your help. Greatly appreciated


    I have recommended Tech Lectures to all my colleagues. I hope they are using this valuable service.


    Joe is very helpful and nice to deal with. I have been using tech lecture for many years. Thank you, Joe.


    This was my first-time using Tech Lectures, I was referred by my coworker. I was more than pleased with the packet, and Mr. Medina was very accommodating when I had to call him for help. I was having problems submitting my CE’s to PTCB and he willingly helped me. I will be telling my other coworkers about this program. High praises. Thanks again Mr. Medina

    Very easy to do

    Always recommend to any other pharmacy technicians I know. It’s the best way to get CE hours!!


    Joe had a wonderful program that has always been there for my C.E.s need for my national certification.


    Joe is very accessible if you have any questions concerning the CE. I highly recommend Tech Lectures for your future CE.


    I've never used anything else for my CE's! Tech Lectures always had great content and fast delivery! I won't use anyone else!


    Twice I had to call Tech Lectures and it was so refreshing to have someone answer the phone! Joe is attentive to his customer, has excellent customer service skills and honestly cares! I will ALWAYS use Tech Lectures for my CPhT certification needs! Thanks Joe!


    All the CE credits are interesting and relevant. They contain information geared toward pharmacy technicians not pharmacists. They are informative an informational but not overly complex I do. I come back every two years for recertification through these PE and I recommend them to all my co-workers!


    Thank you, Joe Medina!!! Love the reading material and CE Education you provide. It's very interesting!!!


    I have been using Tech Lectures for years for all of my Pharmacy Technician CE. I’m solicited by other companies regularly and I have no need to even try them. That’s how much I like using Tech Lectures. Material is good and easy to comprehend. I love that you can take the tests online and get results back almost instantly. I’ve always been able to get help, if needed, also!

    I rate Tech Lectures A plus for being super interesting, clear and easy to comprehend. Love the great variety of subjects! Sybil Maiers


    Have used Tech Lectures for the 5 recertification's I have needed, very accurate. Extremely helpful in addition. I've been very pleased.


    I used Tech Lectures PTCB National Exam Review Materials and passed very easily. The materials are very easy to comprehend and very exam oriented. I took the exam with great confidence and passed. I recommended their exam materials to my associate who is a pharmacy cashier who also passed in the very first attempt. I also use Telelectures CE packets for recertification every 2 years. It is priced very reasonably. It is quick & easy to submit the answer sheets electronically. Any question or clarification, the response from Mr. Medina is very prompt. When I visit the PTCB website for re-certification it is so easy to pull up my CE lessons and apply for recertification. Wonderful service. I cannot say enough about his services. All aspiring pharmacy technicians - look no further. Take the PTCB exam confidently with Tech Lectures exam materials.


    I am very pleased with the service and hope to continue using your services in the future.

    Thank you for being so nice and helping me with the problem I had. I do appreciate it. Thank you


    I love obtaining my CE credits through Tech Lectures. The subject matters are closely related to personal experiences and helps me better understand them.


    Tech lectures are so interesting, I always order more than I need. The reading is straight forward, clear, and very easy to understand-- even intricate subjects!! The questions are very fair and not difficult. If you have any concerns or problems, Joe Medina gets an A plus for responding and solving the issue. What more could you want??


    I really enjoy all the lectures and Joe is so nice to help with getting the materials to you quickly. He is very helpful.


    Tech Lectures is easy to comprehend and provides additional services when needed. Thank you, Tech Lectures, for all your help!


    Great C.E and great staff.


    I highly recommend Tech Lectures. Has been educational, user friendly, keeps updates. Attentive to all questions. With immediate results!


    Everything looks nice.


    I have been a CPht since 2000. I have always used TechLectures for my CE requirement - right from the first time 8 years ago. Along with being affordable I appreciate how organized everything is. A neat packet with answer sheets. Everything all in one place. The lectures themselves are informative and easy to understand. I have recommended Tech Lectures to countless co-workers over the years and those who have taken my advice are now loyal customers as well. There were a couple of times over the years when I needed help from Joe. He unfailingly answered my emails within a day and helped me to resolve any issue I had. I will continue obtaining my CE from Tech Lectures until I retire. 5 stars!


    Mr. Medina have excellent customer service, I needed help with my CE selections and his response was very quick and remarkable helpful. I highly would recommend Tech Lectures to any pharmacy tech that need CE's.


    Joe is extremely helpful and personable and makes the process of recertification very simple.

    Joe is awesome!!!! He has always been so prompt in responding and providing me with my CE certificates!! Thank you SO much Joe!! Will Definitely be using Tech Lectures again!

    The CE material its very informative Hands down, questions it’s on point! The Customer Service is TOP Line, I call for Help, within minutes problem solve. Thank you so much Tech Lecture keep UP the Good work.


    Have been very helpful to me with course selection and processing


    They do a wonderful job.


    Thank you!


    I really appreciate Tech Lectures compassion and professionalism in helping me with the package materials needed.


    Very satisfied with this site, you’ve been very helpful


    So thankful for tech lectures and Joe Medina very helpful over and above. Thank you so very much. As soon as I can start doing for next time I will be ordering. Denise Krupp

    Have used tech lectures since the 90's. Updates the information regularly so current and state-of-the-art. Useful and vital information for my career. Easy to understand, utilize and refer back to.


    Thank you so much for all your help I really appreciate it. Will I be getting a certificate or do I just need to go to PTCB website and print one off? You can call me so I can pay u back. I’ve been seeing some sales on your new packet. I would like to check on that too. Take care!

    I've been using Tech Lectures for 4 years now. Service is awesome.


    I have been using these packages for several years now since I became certified. It has updated information and very easy to understand. Mr. Joe Medina is very helpful and even helped me enter all my CE online when I had a problem with the system. I would recommend these CE packages to all Pharmacy Technicians.


    I have been using these packages for several years now since I became certified. It has updated information and very easy to understand. Mr. Joe Medina is very helpful and even helped me enter all my CE online when I had a problem with the system. I would recommend these CE packages to all Pharmacy Technicians.


    Been using tech lectures twice now for my ECs. And I love it.


    Thank you so much for helping me get recertified on the PTCB website today, Joe!! Thank you for the CE' s you provide! I love being able to get them fast and easy. I have all of my CE notebooks from over the years and like to keep myself updated on my pharmacy math. Thank you for the service you provide!